Environmental Services

Habitat Restorations

Habitat restoration is an important and growing division of environmental efforts to preserve, protect and restore critical areas by improving the overall quality of the lake ecosystem with dredging and with aquatic and wetland habitat plantings.

Along with our subcontractor J F New, Luedtke Engineering Company was privileged to undertake the restoration of 24 acres of aquatic habitat on Wolf Lake in Hammond, Indiana. A seven million dollar success carried out by the Chicago District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Environmental Dredging

Utilizing a Cable Arm Environmental Clamshell bucket, Luedtke Engineering has successfully completed several environmental dredging projects involving deep water silt curtains and dewatering procedures. Experience in this area has led the company to provide an extra 300 feet of silt curtain to our inventory to avoid any delays due to silt curtain damage or other incidents.
Our project managers, supervision and on-site personnel have direct experience with this type of operation.