Dredging Services

On average, Luedtke Engineering Company completes ten major dredging projects per season, removing more than a million cubic yards of sediment annually. Our Derrick Boats are equipped with real time GPS Clam Vision positioning systems. An expansive array of buckets ensures we have just the right tool to get the job done without delay.

Environmental Dredging

Utilizing a Cable Arm Environmental Clamshell bucket, Luedtke Engineering has successfully completed several environmental dredging projects involving deep water silt curtains and dewatering procedures. Experience in this area has led the company to provide an extra 300 feet of silt curtain to our inventory to avoid any delays due to silt curtain damage or other incidents. Our project managers, supervision and on-site personnel have direct experience with this type of operation.

Mechanical Dredging

Whether it involves towing out to an open lake dump site or placement in a CDF (confined disposal site) utilizing our Hydraulic Pumpout Lucille T, explicitly modified for this type of work, Luedtke Engineering Company has all the necessary equipment and resources required to get the job done.

Hydraulic Dredging

Projects requiring dredging through hydraulic means are no problem for our Ellicott Dragon Series 670 Model Hydraulic Dredge.

Hydrographic Surveying

Hydrographic surveying is performed in-house by our experienced team of trained surveyors using HYPACK software, hemisphere GPS and Innerspace Fathometers.